Safe measurement in high-voltage environments

Fiber-optic temperature measurement solves HV challenges in e-mobility

The capabilities of fiber-optic measurement systems are many and diverse, with the field of e-mobility being one of the major and fastest growing applications. This is not limited to cars only, but it also applies to the electrification of agricultural machines and their previously hydraulically operated work implements. In addition to battery systems, many of their components and subsystems need to be developed and tested, such as charging infrastructure, cable harnesses, power electronics modules, connectors, etc.. The inherent EMC robustness of FBG technology also opens up new areas of application, such as the direct measurement of temperatures inside the windings of electric motors.

This white paper answers the most important questions concerning the application of fiber-optic measurement technology and sensors, from the measurement principle behind the sensor to analysis method of the measurement device, integration into a standard mechatronic measurement system and its practical application.

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