Weigh-in-Motion measurement system

At 5.5 Kilometers, the Suramadu Bridge is the longest in Indonesia. This cable-stayed toll bridge connects the cities of Surabaya on the island of Java and Bangkalan on the island of Madura. It has two lanes in each direction plus additional lanes for emergency vehicles and motorcycles.

To ensure the safety of all who use the bridge, it is important to comply with certain load limits. Vehicles that want to cross the SuraMadu Bridge may not weigh more than 10 tons. Before a vehicle gets the green light to cross the bridge, it must pass over a “Weigh-in-Motion” system. This presents particular challenges on both sensors and measurement systems. To accurately weigh trucks that are already in motion requires high-speed sensors and measurement systems that can operate in real time. After all, the goal is to allow an uninterrupted flow of traffic.

For its Weigh-in-Motion system, the customer Pt Struktur Pintar Indonesia uses  imc C-SERIES measurement systems having real-time calculation functionality.

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