FORD: From driving tests directly to the test bench with imc measurement technology

Stationary and mobile testing go hand in hand in the development of modern automotive technology. Up to now, the conversion of the test vehicle was a significant obstacle when changing between mobile and stationary testing.

The aim was to implement a modern data logger system that combines the requirements of mobile and stationary testing.

Test drives
All devices in the vehicle are networked via a CAN bus. A central measurement logger (imc CRONOS-PL) collects all measurement data on a PCMCIA removable disk. The different device configurations are selected via a manual control unit.

On the test bench
In contrast to use in the vehicle, the requirement for the test bench or climatic chamber/ wind tunnel measurement logger is that the instrumented vehicle remains unaltered in its connection with the test stand via Ethernet. No more instrumentation - the vehicle remains as it was equipped for the test drive. All connected measurement channels can now be visualized and stored directly on the connected PC.