Continuous and automated data during field tests

It is not only in the automotive industry that development cycles are becoming ever shorter and product quality requirements ever higher. To meet these challenges extensive measurement series in practical field tests are indispensable. The interaction of control unit software with mechanics, hydraulics and electrical components is becoming increasingly complex. In agricultural engineering, this is particularly true for tractors, self-propelled harvesters and towed implements.

The question arises as to what requirements are placed on autarkic data loggers, which are used on the one hand to accompany development and on the other for customer vehicles. These long-term studies require particularly robust systems that can withstand extreme environmental conditions such as heat, cold, splashing water and vibration. Equally high are the requirements on the data logger regarding processing and storage. The machine data must be synchronized with the GPS coordinates, video sequences and analog or digital measurement channels (temperatures, pressures, distances, forces, vibrations, etc.) and/or event-controlled recording.

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